Friday, October 20, 2006


Waking up in the morning and not feeling ill! Hurray!

Having a quite time - I need to come before God with a humble heart, its only by His Grace that lets me bow at His throne.

Lunch and Dinner with Ruth - none of which was planned, but was needed so we could pray. I love praying with my Christian sisters - what encouragement, what joy! God provides so faithfully..

Thank you God for amazing friends!

Time out for God, reading, praying, learning...something that was missing...but God doesnt let that happen for long, He soon prods the hole and shows that it hurts. Thank you!

Reading the whole of Job - oh what Poetry! Whom has the knowledge and understanding to question God?! NO ONE! Only He alone is Holy! Yet He blesses His children! YES!

Me: So were meeting at 6?
Ruth: Yeh
Me: What time are we meeting?

Dave Bish's blog on Certainty in our circumstances - it makes you think, it challenges and prods. Read. Think. Pray and Act.... Thanks Dave!

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