Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back Track...12-16

12/365 - (Friday): Having a good day at work, then going to Ruths for a shower and praying by the cathedral. Going to Jons with Sophie in London...both of whom I havn't seen for a while!!!

13/365 - (Saturday): Waking up at 4:30am...getting a bus at 5am and off to the airport! Flew to Rome and was welcomed by a huge mountain in the distance...beautiful!! We checked out our hostel, which was really nice! And then we went to explore Rome and saw the Panthian and Trivia fountain...! We had ice cream as well!! YUM! Sunset by the river in Rome..

14/365 - (Sunday): Went to the colloseum...was amazing, we had a tour around it - got some awesome pictures of it!! Went round loads of ruins...!

15/365 - (Monday): Went to Vatican City, went into St Peters, Sisteen chapel and the was amazing - the art work was really cool and soo detailed - worth going to!

16/365 - (Tuesday): Flight home. Got home, went to Ruths for dinner with Kate which was cool and then slept on and off for most the evening while Ruth did work and made funny video's! Went to 24/7 prayer at 12am till 1am..and then walked round campus chatting and praying for an hour!..finally got to sleep at 2am......

All Roads lead to Rome....

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