Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Having lunch with Becca! It was fun, I made a mess on the table and we had a productive convo! It's good to see God work in her life!

God blessing me and answering prayer, even though I spent the morning complaining and being unfaithful - I don't understand how that works? God's Grace is AMAZING!

Spent the evening in, writing a letter to my lovely sis in Christ, whom I miss alot! Had yummy dinner and watched Home and Away with Lauren - we hissed and booed at the bad people.

Ruth came round, we had hot choc and horlick and crackers with cheese with Anna and we went through the first half of the bible and chatted through what happend and what we could remember from it! It was great.

God humbles me through humble people...

ME: Do plasters stick? (oohh im so stupid sometimes!!!)

Why bother with theology?

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