Saturday, December 02, 2006


Having lunch with Ruth and asking awkward questions - accountability is fun!

God is changing us from one degree to another into the likeness of Christ... oh wow, just reading that and hearing that it make me want to rejoice. How could I want anymore? Gods Glory is Amazing!!!!!!!! Sometimes I want to picture it, but its just too big for my mind, which is good! It makes me thirst and want more of God!!!

Doing a bible study with Becca on 1Corinthians 1 - what do I have to boast in?!?! ONLY THE CROSS!! ohh yes, my wisdom and strength is FOLLY to the Lord. He wants to work in my weakness and foolishness...! What JOY!

When I get to heaven,
I shall see three wonders there.
The first wonder will be to see
many there whom I did not expect to see;
the second wonder will be to miss
many people who I did expect to see;
and the third and greatest of all
will be to find myself there. (John Newton (1725-1807))

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