Friday, December 15, 2006


Curry at Ian Stackhouses house with all of cell!!! It was amazing... sooo much fun. We played some silly games and Kev was the winner of the box game - wwoo well done!!

Loving Millmead!

Last CU of term - it was very good! The Resurrection is the foundation of Christianity...

Driving to Reading at 10:30pm to drop Dave off (cos he missed his train) and having no idea where we were going and getting back just after 12. We did get a little lost to...Ruth now knows not to ask me for directions. The trip to Wales will be fun lol... (lots of prayer needed...)

Sarah: What's that?
Me: Vegitables
Sarah: What's in it?
Me: Vegitables
Sarah: Does it have chicken with it?
Me: No its vegitables
Sarah: So it doesn't have chicken?

Ruth: Dave I will drive you home.... WITH CAT!!!!! (she went bright red after that lol - poor Dave!)

lol, Ruth will never live that down..


Anonymous said...

*Ahem* Are you sure ALL of cell was there??

VegEtables!! =p

-sarah b.

Anonymous said...

actually, they cancelled my train...

that was the quote of the year

Anonymous said...

and the quote was actually "I'll take you home.."