Monday, January 22, 2007


Having a Crazy manic weekend, but I love it.

I love praising God.
I love having friends.
I love how God provides so greatly for us.
I love the Gospel.
I love how NOTHING can seperate us from the Love of!

This quote struck me:

"Firstly...God puts before us his best. Sometimes we look upon that which will become dear to us with prejudice and disdain because... we are not spiritually minded enough. It's only when our minds and hearts have that Godward orientation that our Father in heaven reveals to us his choicest and loveliest gifts in which he has mercifully prepared for us."

I find that God puts before me His best and I turn my nose up at it because my sinful heart thinks it can have better. Little do I know God's plan for me and that He provides so greatly!!!

Welcome to my walk with God... it's going to be bumpy ;-)

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