Thursday, March 08, 2007


Only Joy in the Lord! Woo

Telling the Gospel.

Bethinking - where did Cain get His wife?

Interfaith - Soul/Spirit... Why don't some Christians believe in the bible literally?
Lost souls...they need prayer.

Cell - awesome illustration!!!! I love seeing them all grow in Christ and drawing from the bible more...YES! More of that please!!!!

Me: Some of us would like you to do a talk on predestination?
Bish: Which ones of you?
Me: Errr
Bish: You mean just you and Tim?
Me and Tim: *Big Grin*

8/40 Days - Thank you Lord that you save people and we don't...

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thebluefish said...

comedic moments, but you know i can't resist opening the Bible with you guys.