Saturday, May 05, 2007


Meditating on Gods word (Romans) - slowly, over and over again until its written on my heart and God spoke through it so clearly.

Patience in Well Being - seeking Glory, Honour and imortality. (Romans 2:1-11)

First BBQ of the year!

Seeing old friends and new ones.

Friendships changing - but possibly for the good. God provides different friends at different seasons. The point is to be satisfied in God alone.

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Schraaaargh! said...

I've read Chasing the Dragon too :) Good read. Jackie Pullinger was actually in Hong Kong; China is across the border. Although politically speaking you're correct. I'm in denial. Hong Kong and China are separate. SEP-AR-ATE!! It's like saying Wales is in England. I think. Meh. Politics.

Okay scratch all that. What I meant was: good book. How do you do?