Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ok, So I have leaped 34 days. But I spend those days in Peru and I can't remember what I did everyday. But I can let you in an overall glimpse of things.

Live Simply so that others can simply live

Wondering where God is taking me next.
Encounters with God on a whole new level.
Being challenged in completely new ways and my whole world turning upside down and inside out.
Psalm 121 - where does my help come from?
Team life is hard.
Am I living the Christian life like Jesus did? Am I living for God or for myself?
Is my heart really here in England?!
Why does a coke cost 15p in Peru but a £1 in England??
Good food.
Amazing friends.
New people, keeping touch.
The milky way and beautiful stars.
Mountains and mountain walking.
Lakes and clouds.
Joyful people.
Church on the other side of the world.
Worshipping God in new ways.
Smiles and laughs.
Chocolate and Tea!

Missing everything there.
One more year. A different type of step to take...lets make it a stride ;o)!

Thank you Lord.

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