Monday, September 03, 2007


Church all day...pretty much. It was great!

God convicted my heart. It is unbelievable how quickly our hearts can be hardened towards the Lord...Praise Him for His mercy and Grace towards me. Now lets fix our eyes upon Jesus and never be moved from Him, because He is the most beautiful one you will ever see.

"The Holy Spirit is the spiritual equivalent of Hyrdoflouric acid (dissolves rocks)" - Tim Caird

I am the only one on my floor...Where is everyone?!?! that means 6 freshers....crazyyyyy

Going through the Psalms.

Let me be a plant that dwells in the streams of living water,
Bearing the fruit of the Spirit that will give Glory to my King.
Let not my earth become dry and hard
Nor forsake the gift He brings.
May the Eternal springs rise up in me
Keeping me and sustaining my soul,
So that on this path I may walk in humility
By His Grace alone. (Catherine Hare 2007)

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