Thursday, October 12, 2006


I went to see Lizzie and Anna play flute in the lunchtime concert - they were amazing! They are soo talented!!!

Cell was really funny, I havn't laughed so much for is why:

BLAF (Big lungs and Miss Hare!)

SLAF (Small lungs and Miss Wood!)

Gem and I have new names: Galursula and that would be:

Galursula Slaf and Manuriel Blaf.... brilliant!!!!

Colossians is brilliant..we can go so much deeper with it! Paul focuses on Christ by encouraging them through what they are doing..yet the only reason they are doing it is because of Christ! And its all stated in the first line "by the will of God" YES!... a challenge for us to pray for others around us and to be reminded - its not about us, its about Christ!!

Chatting with Ruth for a while after Cell - it just shows me how great God is with how is working in her life! YES!

"You need to talk about guy shaving...!" - Lauren talking to Chris

"Ruth told me you were doing the C2C bike ride, but she said you had to get fit first, hahah" - Gemma to me

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