Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Going to the Staff and Postgrad Christian fellowship at lunch time was great! We were looking at Daniel and Jeremiah and the work place. I learnt something interesting, which was that no matter how busy Daniel was, he still had time to pray three or more times a day. A man, whom was interrpreting dreams and at points high up in authority - therefore being extremely busy, still placed God at his center and prayer with perserverance... why do I not do this? Im not nearly half as busy!!!

Meeting up with Sophie for a Mocha, which was nice to catch up and chat about this weekend coming!!!

Meeting up with Ruth and having dinner. We studied Acts 2 and I was just blown away with how the Holy Spirit moved, He came "suddenly" upon the people - he wasn't invited - God doesnt need an invitation, He will pour His spirit on whom he wishes!!! mmm make me wonder what was so different about church then and church now?!

Praying by the lake at night with the stars and the moons glow on the water!

Getting my passion back about talking about God and the bible...where did it go? I don't know! But God restored it!

Spending some chatting and prayer time with housemates - something we sooo needed to do!!!

Cheerfully busy

Smile and Pray...Smile and Pray *strums guitar with cheesy grin* - that will get your essay done Anna!

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