Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Im reading through my silver book - by Wayne Grudem - bible doctrine. Its great to read, it makes my thirst for God more intense, more alive!

Met Andy for lunch which was lovely - it was good to catch up and eat the huggesst jacket potatoe ever! YUM!

Chatted to Dave Bish and Paul about theology - such wise men, it was a pleasure to learn from them and im sure I will continue to do so.

Met up with David for a drink, which was good - we finally met!! hehe

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Ruth came round, we chatted and as usual - God used her to challenge me. I must remind myself that its about truth...not selfish feelings. TRUTH!

How can we get people to see that theology isnt dull and boring? Do you not know that theology is all about Jesus?

Cat you say your giving up, but you never do. So stop saying it!!!!! ( Said by Ruth)

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Dave said...

Finally meet eh? what about at Millmead, outside the Library and outside Roots, lol.

No but its was good to finally have a proper chat with you and get to know you a little bit more.

Hope you had a good time last night, lucky I did not have to suffer from the train that derailed. Which was lucky.