Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well...yesturday was interesting, God blessed me so much last night and revealed alot to me.

I went to Ruths for dinner (which was yummy) and we went to do our bible study somewhere on campus - so we prayed that God would give us a place. At first we went to the lecture theatre - but after a while I didn't feel that comfy, so we went to Wates House and grabbed a drink. After alot of talking and discovering a few actions that need to be taken and prayed about, we decided that we needed to pray and that the cathedral was the best place. However it was raining! So Ruth prayed for the rain to go..and when we started to walk outside, the rain was stopping, but it wasn't only stopping it was right infront of us and as we moved it moved forward!!! It was like God was prepairing the way for us!!!

So we went to the cathedral and found shelter and prayed for started to rain a bit heavier - but the scene was beautiful! Seriously, how can people look out into the world and not see that God created it all?

At that point, Alan walked past and then sat down with us and we chatted about prayer and God (which was cool)!!! then a few more Christians walked past! We then decided we wanted to go, and then at that point it stopped raining!! So we went to the path we wanted to go down to and suddenly there was this loud growling (like some weird beast!!), that sounds weird I know, but it scared me alot and I really felt that going that way was not a good we ran away (fast!) and prayed for protection! At that point God provided us with a group of Christians at the bottom of Wate house praying and several Christians on the way back to Ruths!!! How amazing is that!!!!!!

So not only did God provide a place to pray and shelter us from the rain...but in a time of scaryness and trouble, he brought on our path his children to calm us!! God is ssooo good! We are so overwhelmed and in awe...ive also never prayed so hard before in my life - which is something I felt God calling me to do a few days ago!!!

Yes GOD IS GOOD!!!!!! Please be encouraged by this, God answers prayers.

We are so good at talking, but not praying...its our duty to pray Christians!!!!!

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thebluefish said...

Check Mark Lauterbach's recent blogging on prayer - you'll love it.