Thursday, October 05, 2006


I went for a run yesturday with Ruth - we thought it would be a good idea! So we ran for about 2.68 miles around the outskirts of campus - it took us roughly half an hour. This is our route:

It was actually fun! And it made me realise some interesting things about accountability. When we were running there were points where I really wanted to stop because I ached and had a stitch, however Ruth kept spurring me on - she told me not to stop and to keep going! This is what being accountable is like, there will be points where we want to stop and give up, where the race we are on is too hard and we have lost the focus of our goal - its at these points that we tell the other person to keep running - to look to Jesus and not to ourselves, to not focus on the pain or struggle, but to focus on the goal - the Glory of Christ!!!

I reccomend having an accountability partner or a mentor - someone that you can be honest with, someone that can tell you off and that will humble you... God is so good at providing..!

In the evening - I then went Ice Skating and that was soooo fun! There were so many people from CU there, it was great meeting Freshers as well!!! I also notice how everyone was helping each other skate - which was great - true community!!! Love it!!!

Mark Lauterbach - - check out priviledge of prayer..its great!

Happy 16th Birthday Rachel!!


Dave said...

'It was actually fun!' - I'm not sure I would agree with this comment!

Also, you must be really busy at work if you made that map in order to calculate the distance you ran! :-p

Cat said...

haha! Yes very busy can do it with google earth - its so much fun! I'll show you next time im round.. yeh i a nerd!!!