Sunday, October 29, 2006


CU Houseparty!! It was my fifth one and was awesome as usual! Great talks, Great freshers and lots of laughter and challenges.

I figured I need lots of re-arranging in my life... I don't know where to start though, lots of thoughts and ideas. Lots of prayer needed!

Encouraging words from wiser people. Sometimes you can miss the mark completely and not realise, until someone peering in from the outside nudges you into the correct place! Praise God for those people!!!

Well done committee for all your hard work and efforts.

I brought 3 books at the much to read!!!!

Ruth: Cat, will you stop making me think for one day!

All we need is in the bible...

Don't give up, keep going, keep praying, keep in Christ.

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NaomiBeth said...

Haha! Yeaaah! All those books! I'm looking forward to reading them too, then we can make sure we both do actually read them from beginning to end!