Saturday, October 07, 2006


Having lunch with Rachel - that was so nice, we havn't had a chance to catch up for a while and I miss our chats! It felt like my first year again!

Sharon getting baptised! This was so awesome to be a witness to. It was also great catching up with Tim.

I realised something through the baptisim - we are all broken people, we are all sick and we all need to go to Jesus - no one is healthy. Mark 2:17. Also these people were getting baptised in the name of Jesus Christ, to become united with Him - Its all about Him, not us - even though its seen as our day..its actually about Jesus dying on the cross and being raised again - its for His Glory not ours. I shall only boast in Jesus Christ!!!! YES!

We are the Hot Drinkers...with the TEA OF KNOWLEDGE....*makes funny hand gestures* Wobble wobble

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tigz said...

thanks hun i was so happy you could come, you said you couldn't and then you were there :D