Friday, October 06, 2006


Met up with Charl for lunch and then Kate came along and we drank Mochas with cream and flake! Yum!!! (apparently my blog posts on my 365 are too this is for Kate!)

CU was good, brilliant speaker - NFI rocks!

Roots was fun - great to catch up with people and Adam telling Ruth that he was a midwife and her laughing at him! Hahaha! Poor Adam, he actually does Law..but it was funny.

Ed pushing his way to the bar again! Rudeness!!!!!!!!! Must be cos he is tall.

Whats better - 30 seconds of pleasure or eternity?

Praise God for William Tyndale.

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thebluefish said...

yeah, quite long for 365,... but who can blame you if there are so many joyful things.