Monday, October 09, 2006


Having a Roast dinner at home cooked by mum and dad- ohhh yum!!!!

Church in the evening being amazing and speaking straight to my heart. It was about praying and being busy and that we can fill our life with clutter and that sometimes we need the "guts" to say no to some things... How true is that! I so fill my life up being "busy" and its actually taking its toll on my prayer and time for God. We had a time for quite prayer and I asked God to go through everything in my life and make it known to my heart whether it was something that was Glorifying Him o
r something I need to cut out. I need to make a list!!

We need to pray before making big choices, we need to ask God to speak in our life before we step out and do something.

After church a group of us and some freshers went back to Rach's and Dave's flat for some home made doughnuts...oohhh sooo goood!!!!

Kate being weird...and opening an umbrella up and sitting under it and also opening all the doors to everything - no more suger for her!!! haha check it out hehehe:

Sometimes doing nothing is the most biblical thing you can do...

You can eather have doughnuts, tea or a lift home - choose only one!! *gulp*


*Eternal Sunshine* said...

Really spoke to me ... especially the part about being our lives, how we clutter it up with stuff and that yea i think maybe the whole thing that you did about praying and asking God to go through everything in your life - is a good idea... i think im going to do that - and hopefully have the "guts" to say no to some things...
I remember actually Kates dad on the weekend away talking about how precious our time is..and what we do and how does it effect our prayer life and our relationship with God...and that spoke to me then!
Definitley something for me to think about..
Thanks for that - I am really enjoying reading ur 365 blog!

LOL love the pics! hehe that must have been fun - sure Kate wasnt on Dr Pepper hehe :P

Cat said...


Thanks for the encouraging words! Im glad your enjoying it...keep checking out my other blog too, some more stuff will be going up there about what I have been studying and learning!

Tell me how the praying goes with your busyness!!

Take care xxxxxxxxxx