Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Monday was amazing in all possible ways! God has blown me away...

Alot of spirtual battle happened over the weekend, which meant there was alot of praying, esp for Anna and Ruth. We prayed so much last night and I really felt we were all one body - the body of Christ. Alot of stuff came up and at first my heart was so hard, but then God softened it and humbled me - something I needed. He needed to remind me of the cross, of the weight of sin and of being one body, in unity! Praise God for opening my eyes.

Sometimes I can be such an athiest in my living, where is my faith? Does my heart believe that God can move mountains, calm the storms and raise people from the dead - not just physical death, but spiritual death? Can God change this hard, faithless heart towards him....? I will pray and constanly seek Gods face, I know He can change my heart!

I read psalm 107 this morning - its amazing how people get themselves in a right mess, completely spirtually and physically lost and yet God, by His Grace lifts them up again. This happens in my life alot!!

You can't give up Cat, God wouldn't do any of this without a reason.

Lifestyle is a matter of justification: here

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