Thursday, November 02, 2006


Had lunch with Rach, which was lovely! Great to hear her wisdom...even if it meant her taking 40 min to eat a jacket potatoe!!!! lol

Went to see Delirious - was awessome! Loved it! Great to spend time with CU people and worshipping God!!

There was a line in a song that said: "The poor will become rich" hit me - they are not becoming rich because of money and treasures..but because there's is the kingdom of heaven - they will know and see God. Their most beautiful treasure is God. Their rich, is God.. therefore my Riches and treasures must be God, if it is not - then I am poor in spirit and that is worse then being poor in food or money!! What a thought!!!! Now I need to pray into this and how I will apply it. More giving, more sharing, more love, more faith - MORE CHRIST!!!!!

John Pipers Sermon on How to Be Spiritually Minded:

Ruth you are a bean and I am a T'bag... it will be Bean and T'Bag's adventures in spreading the Gospel!!!

Ed: You are Mark Driscoll....
Thanks Ed....

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