Friday, November 03, 2006


Had lunch with Sophie, which was great!! Good to catch up with our lovely second years.

CU was good. Encourage, Equip, Evangelise... Good talks by committee people, Good sung worship, good sharing!!

Hearing good news from Ruth.

I'm wondering where I will be, who will I know, what road I will be on? In some ways I wish God will just tell me - a clear cut answer. Instead im left hanging, wondering, waiting, about to walk one way when God suddenly grabs me and takes me on another turn that goes so fast I have no time to think. Always the way. But perhaps, just for once I could have clarity in where I am going. If I am ment to be in Guildford - then why isn't my heart settled? If I am meant to be somewhere else, why don't I know where!!!

Lord, please don't let the heavens be silent.

This is a command from God, therefore you have no choice! (Lil Sarah)


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