Sunday, November 05, 2006


A lie in - ohh you don't appreciate it untill you have a full time job! It is so nice!

Ruth challenging me again - Praise God for blessing me with such faithful friends and children of God to walk this part of the road with me in Christ. It amazes me! When I think I have figured it out, God prods me and makes me realise that I havn't got it sorted and that there is much I need to repent of and give to God!

Going through the first 5 books of the bible and telling Ruth what passion grew! God is ssoo Good!

I want to seek to be Holy, because God is Holy.

I need to live for here and now and not always seeking to look towards the future, otherwise I will waste this time I have here....!!

Jesus teach my soul to Pray

Lord, guide my wandering feet

Draw me to Thy mercy seat
I've nought to trust but sovereign grace
Thou only art my hiding place

How unstable is my heart
Sometimes I take the tempter's part
And slight the tokens of Thy grace
And seem to want no hiding place

(Hiding Place - Jars of Clay)

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