Saturday, November 04, 2006


Having a rather odd day at work, I had a conversation with a guy about art - it was quite cool!

Lunchtime talk about whether the bible is relevant or not - was really good, thanks Bish!

Having great convo's with some friends, really encouraging - love it!

Spent the evening in with Lauren, we cooked dinner and watched two films - "The forgotten" (very very weird!!) and "Flight of the navigator" (sooo cool! brings back memories from childhood). It was just lovely to relax in the evening and do something I love! YES!

If our identity is in Christ - then it's crucial to know about Him...and to know Him, before we can ever attempt making Him known.

Tom: ooo Im Cat, I know everything nanana
Other Tom: But she might actually know everything - how do you know!?

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