Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Having lunch with Charl - nearly choking and caughing on drink!! It made him laugh hahah

Spending a productive day at work - which was good cos it keeps me busy!!

Spending the night in relaxing, eating, watching a John Piper sermon while eating Rice pudding...was ssooo good! Made me think hugely and something I will be blogging about soon! YES! love intellectual wrestling.

Jumping up and down in the kitchen with Lauren cos she got a very good coursework mark! YES! Praise God

God suddenly giving me alot of leadership roles, organisation roles and encouraging roles - He keeps turning my thinking upside down. That is why only His Wisdom is worthy and mine is really not...

We are in the mission field, so instead of trying to fight with cardboard swords, lets fight with real double edge swords which is the Word of God! (me!)

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