Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Having lunch with nay...much fun!

Spring Harvest forms...although not alot of fun, it is a challenge!

Jellybabies, Jellytots and Jelly and Ice cream...

Showing the girls what a snail looked like (through my actions) and then imitating a horse...

"Everything is a trifle to a man who is a Christian except the glorifying of Christ. (Spurgeon)"

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Simon said...

hi, you showed up just now on a Google search alert for "Spring Harvest". You leading stuff there next year? Next Easter will be my 20th consecutive year! Met my wife there on 2nd year. Not a blessing chaser just love getting equipped as per Spring Harvest tag line re "equipping the church for action". If you search my blog for Spring Harvest you will see lots of notes of talks by Gerard Kelly who is one of my heroes