Monday, November 27, 2006


Church - was really good, learnt lots and was challenged about the persicuted church. Its amazing how we don't know so much about - we are in our little Christian bubble. Yet persicution is on our doorstep and its now coming to CU's around the country...Prayer is needed.

I had a really good chat with someone whom works in an organisation on helping persicuted Christians. It was good to talk about it and learn more. It has also put a burden on my heart about it, I will pray into it more. But there are people out there that want and thirst for the bible while in prison or in hiding...isn't it our job to go out there and help them?

Praise God that His Grace is enough.

Went to a families house for student lunch! Was lovely, even though the dog was very excited.

Went back to church and was challenged about stepping out in faith... something that I find very hard to do!

"If I was in prison with just my bible, then how much more would I depend, meditate, and thirst for Gods word?" (The woman I was talking to at church)

Please Pray for CU's around the country that are being persicuted by the Students Union. Fight the Good Fight!

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Simon said...

I love the suffering church. I have had contact with Open Doors for several years. This talk by Clive Calver, another of my heroes, may challenge and encourage you (mp3 available as well as the text!). Every time Clive speaks, God speaks.