Thursday, December 21, 2006


Weariest days

How is it that weary days

Bring upon it tides of doubting,

So tired from the daily hike

That the luxuries of the worlds treasures are all you desire.

You try so hard to focus,
Strain your mind and clamp your eyes shut,

You find there is no greater sin then this:

A half hearted prayer.

Yet you do it, with sweeping words
Then apologise afterwards, a fluttering promise.

Oh has there ever been such an unfaithful heart

Standing before the Holy God?

Oh but His Glory goes far beyond what you think,
He works through the weakest faith

And uses His strength through the meekest person,

He knows you inside out and rejoices by seeing Jesus in you.

Therefore upon your knees, let it be known that;
God's love stands more firm then the strongest mountain,

God's sacrifice is more cleansing then a thousand lambs.

And His Grace is upon you in the most weariest of days.

By Catherine Hare

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Dave said...

Another brilliant and powerful poem there Cat.

Keep up the good work!

Merry Christmas

David C

*Eternal Sunshine* said...

A really good poem Cat.
Something that has kinda related to me in some ways...what you have written about...
So thankyou - and are good with words :)
Hope your ok!