Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Focus on Future Grace - I am loving this John Piper book. I am reading it in my quiet times and finding that it is changing how I think about Grace and Faith. How God calls us to put our anxieties onto him and that when we worry its basically faithlessness. God upholds his promises always...just look through the OT!

Spending time with God, praying, reading about Him - loving it! More of this please!

Misty Fog....lights that sparkle in the mist - pretty!

New blog post for cloud of witnesses: Ruth

Brilliant Blog serious on Censorious thoughts

"I'll Stand with arms high and heart abandoned, in awe to the one who gave it all"

It is all about Grace. What more could you want? You can't pay it back...thats the point of Grace!!!!


Dave said...

The misty fog may be pretty but it's a nightmare to drive in...!

Timmy C said...

too right, you try it on 2 wheels and a helmet with an iced-up visor!