Thursday, May 10, 2007


Bethinking - well lead by Tim on Prophecy. Its interesting to see how biblical prophecy was fullfilled - I really enjoyed sitting their with a coffee, bible open and discussing biblical issues and being amazed at certain things!! I was also the only girl, which makes me laugh!

Black Books - Possibly the most funniest series ive seen for a while!! English humour makes me laugh.

Romans - I am loving Romans and learning lots. I went through a bible study with my mentor on Romans and it was deep and we could almost see the pain and struggle that Paul went through with telling the Jews such truths - afterall Paul was a Jew, he must of learnt those hard lessons himself!

Smoke Alarm - It keeps being set off. When I am cooking. I really don't know how?

Encouragment please? - Can you remember the last time you have said something positive about someone? I have noticed the draining in CU, possibly because of exams - lets encourage each other with the love of Christ!!

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*Eternal Sunshine* said...

Black Books!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey have u seen like the first episode??? It is soooooooo funny! Love it!