Friday, May 11, 2007


Chats - I had a great chat with Tim about next year, it was encouraging and pushed me to seek God more in how much I will serve in CU and Church while doing a degree!

Final Year Project - Praise God, I have sorted a supirvisor and an outline for my project - It puts my mind at rest and I can start learning PHP and HTML..woop!

Theory Test - I passed my theory test yday - its quite excited and I could of only done it with God's help!

Love - Brilliant talk in CU about loving one another and God loving us and us sacrificing things to show our love. What a challenge. What have I done this week that has cost me?

Dancing - Dancing with Lizzie during Lauren was dramtic! And Lauren did a video of it haha...


*Eternal Sunshine* said...

well done on your theory test!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzie said...

It certainly was dramatic! love a baptised lizzie :)