Saturday, May 12, 2007


Starbucks Theology - Sitting in Starbucks with the boys talking about Calvinism. It made me smile alot! I do enjoy talking about theology!!

Baptisim - My housemate Lizzie getting Baptised!! There were tears and smiles - it was ssooo exciting!!! However I didnt get to do my funky dance...shame...

Quote - "Do you think they play the worship music so loud because they are deaf? And whats with the clapping, why does everyone have to clap??" (hehe made me laugh alot!)

Comfort - To give and recieve comfort for a friend is the best thing ever.

Rest - This is what we all need at points in our lives, Praise God that He sets the example of resting!!


Anonymous said...

Is that quote from my dear mother cafrine?!?! xxx

Craig said...

Hehe that is what I spend most of my time doing here in Dallas, sitting in starbucks talking/studying theology with my 'family'.

Cat said...

lol It's great fun isn't it!! I look forward to you coming back and we can chat theology in starbucks...wot do you think?