Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Millmead Bible Study and Pub - I went for a bible study Monday night to talk about Noah and the flood - it was so much fun! listning to different ideas and what the passage is really telling us. There are so many questions that we bring to the text which it never intended to answer. Its mainly about God's character, which is amazing!! Then off to the pub for chatting and laughing...aahhh its good :o)

Lunch with Ian - Ian Stackhouse having a great vision and support for students in church. I think its great and so encouraging!!

No Deadness - Wake up, sit up, stir up your heart and mind and become more Gospel focused. A passion for each word, a Passion for eternal salvation - preaching, speaking and living for Jesus.

Facebook - It's Gossip central!!


Anonymous said...

just out of interest, whats your take on noah?

and you're right about facebook!

Cat said...

Good question!! I might do a blog post on it on my living stones blog. Probably after the weekend :o) Watch out for it...!!

Yeh Facebook is fairly terrible lol

Anonymous said...

ah excelent! tbqh these are exactly the sort of issues i really struggle with so this would be perfect!

back to revision....