Friday, May 18, 2007


Stories - Don't we love them? They make us want to listen, engage and relate to. I like stories.

Prayer - Praying for each other in cell. That was good fun!

Books - Yes, there was a bookstall at CU...yes I brought books. Pierced for our transgressions and Let the nations be glad. This is what happens when I am round a bookstall!!!

Romans 10 - It captivated me and caught me off guard. The words are near me, in my mouth and heart. What a challenge... let us be people that tell the word of God to those around us...


FloydTheBarber said...

never think you can guilt trip me out of making you buys books Cat Hare!

Cat said...

Hehe! I will blaim you! lol..but its all good :o)