Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Shalom - Someone giving a word for me in prayer - God wants to place peace (Shalom) in my heart.

Love - I have fallen in love with God all over again. He has given me a freshness of His Spirit and real Joy in my heart. I can't stop singing, smiling or dancing! His faithfulness stretches through the sky.

Prayer around campus - I really enjoyed the fellowship, the heart of prayer and just the feeling that God has everything under control. We serve an awesome God!

Friends - I love my friends in Christ, I love the fact I get to spend eternity with them worshipping God, I love their encouragment, wisdom and love! God has blessed me greatly here.

Romans - oohhhh I could stay in this book forever in my quiet times. Every page I turn I see something new, I see a gem and a pearl that I want to place on my heart. I love it!!!!

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Timmy C said...

Woo, Praise God!! You keep falling more in love with God, Catty. The more you open up to him and seek him, read his word and want to know him better, the more you'll want to follow him more closely and experience his grace and guidance to the fullest in you.

I know what you mean about having your friends in Christ as well, knowing you're going to be spending eternity with them, praising God with a neverending thirst makes it all the sweeter!

What an awesome God we serve :)