Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Injections - Having lots of injections - woot! But they havn't been hurting which is really good! I am all diseased though hehe

Let the nations be glad - I have been reading this by J.Piper - its soo good...all about missions and the missionary - putting God first and doing missions all for His Glory. Go read!!!

Urgency in prayer - I don't feel any urgency in prayer. This is bad. It suddenly hit me today, if I was in prison or in a country where I don't have all my earthly comforts I would be depending on God, looking to my provider everyday. But I am not there, I am in luxury England with its running water, coffee with cream, shops and shops of stuff I don't ever need, electricity and lots of friends. I don't need God here and that scares me...because my soul needs him more then anything in this world and I have to get out of this mindset and be more urgent in prayer. Wake up soul and see the battlefield infront of you!

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