Thursday, May 31, 2007


1Corinthians - Starting a new letter from Paul. I open it with eager expectation that it will be good...and it really is! Paul is such an encourager but also a straight to the point man. He points out that those who he is preaching to are a mockly crew, not very wise nor noble - but thats ok because God will use them more and to shame the wise. You don't have to be smart to understand Christianity or to live it...I mean just look in the mirror! hehe

Outward Decay, Inward Renewal - A brilliant Artical by
Carolyn McCulley - click here

Hanging out - Being with friends is great. Spent time at Jon's having a roast and watching a film and playing was great fun to just chill with peeps!

Accountability - I figured I need some accountability in my prayer life. It is easy to hide when no one is looking...but when you have someone checking up on you...everything is different!!!

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