Friday, November 10, 2006


Went to Dave and Rach's for lunch! Was lovely to see them and had very geeky convos with Dave about Vista, XP and dreamweaver hahah!

GOD IS AMAZING! - CU was great - I heard that we had a few people become Christians and some of them were going to Christianity Explored, which is sooo encouraging. Nay is doing a good job hosting that - its great to see God work through her. Love it!

Singing Pete's song - it was ssooo good! Be encouraged Pete - God has given you a gift!

God speaking to me and giving me images, one of which I shared with someone and it made sense to her. I just need an open mind with this and trust God, even if I don't understand it!

Roots afterwards - love catching up with people, esp my favourite Lydia haha

“What is the use of regret unless we can rise by it to a better future? Sighs, which do not raise us higher, are an ill use of vital breath. Chasten yourselves, but be not discouraged. Gather up the arrows which aforetime fell wide of the mark, not to break them in passionate despair, but to send them to the target with direct aim, and a more concentrated force. Weave victories out of defeats. Learn success from failure, wisdom from blundering”
Spurgeon on Spiritual Leadership by Steve Miller, p. 93)

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